Clinical Skills for Health Professionals

Clinical Skills Trainings for Students of All Levels

Are your students missing out on hands on clinical skills training? When simulations just aren’t cutting it, our interactive workshops are the answer! Our Clinical Teaching Associates (CTAs) are highly trained in creating a safe environment for your students to receive feedback and support while training them to provide thorough and comfortable intimate exams.


Learn the techniques…

These sessions are the perfect introduction to invasive exams or a great technique refresher. They Basic Skills sessions are best taken back to back as techniques applicable to both exams are split between the two sessions. Students are taught to adapt these skills to patients of any gender.

Gynecological Basic Skills

Alexandra Duncan holding a speculum and listening to a gynecological teaching associate.

2 hours

  • Visual and clinical breast exam; information about breast self-exam.
  • Full clinical pelvic exam, including external genitalia, speculum exam, and bimanual exam.

Andrological Basic Skills

andrological teaching associate pointing to brachial lymph nodes

2 hours

  • Full clinical exam, including: lymph nodes, hernia, genitalia, and prostate.

Clinical Skills Training

Gynecological teaching associate guiding a pelvic exam.

3 hours

This session was created for residents or physicians looking for a refresher course. The Clinical Skills Training is similar to the Basic Skills format, yet adds additional information relevant to advanced learners.

Put it all together…

Pre-clinical Skills

Alexandra Duncan guiding a clinical teaching session.
3 hours
  •  Demonstration of the full patient encounter from the gynecological basic skills workshop.
  •  Students role-play communication and techniques of full breast and pelvic exams.

Ultrasound Skills

Tiffany E. Cook guiding an ultrasound clinical teaching session.

3 hours

  • Full point-of-care (POC) GYN ultrasound exam: CTA will guide students in visualizing and imaging their uterus and ovaries via transabdominal and transvaginal ultrasound.
  • Review normal and abnormal pelvic ultrasound findings, including indications of an intrauterine pregnancy (IUP).
  • IUP practice assessment including crown-rump length (CRL) and M-mode measurement.

Sexual Assault Forensic Exam (SAFE) Skills

Gynecological clinical exam set up.
3 hours
  • Full sexual assault exam: CTA will guide students in utilizing a sexual assault exam kit to collect forensic evidence.
  • Gynecological SAFE sessions include external and internal specimen collection, including plastic speculum insertion.
  • Andrological SAFE sessions includes external genitalia specimen collection.
  • Students will learn how to communicate with their patients post-trauma.
  • Optional: forensic photography.

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