Reproductive Health Clinical Teaching Associate (CTA-RH)

The Reproductive Health Clinical Teaching Associate (CTA-RH) Certification provides CTAs with the skills necessary to train medical and nursing students in Gynecological and Andrological/Urogenital exams. As such, this training is highly intimate and requires the completion of consent forms prior to participation. You will be practicing in mixed gender groups and will be asked to practice breast, pelvic, and urogenital exams.

We invite all people, of all ability, to participate in this training, and we encourage people with all variants in anatomy, including surgical, to join us. We will do everything possible to accommodate our training to your body and your needs.

Clinical Teaching Associate Training at Praxis Clinical

Certification Process

The training is broken into three parts. While you will receive a certificate of completion for any parts you attend, if you would like to apply for formal Certification with Praxis Clinical, you must complete all three parts of the training and complete the required certification packet. To be certified to teach in the clinical setting all three parts of the training must be completed; however, if your goal is to lead self-exam workshops or simply deepen your own knowledge, you might choose to take only parts 1 and 2. To attend part of the training, all prior parts must have already been completed. Please feel free to contact us with questions about your participation in the certification.

Tiffany E. Cook Leading Reproductive Health Clinical Teaching Associate Training Part 1 | Praxis Clinical

Part 1:

Introduction to Reproductive Health

8 hours

  • Introduction to Praxis Clinical and Clinical Teaching
  • History of Reproductive and Sexual Health in the United States
  • Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy
  • Diversity, Sex, Pleasure, Contraception, & STIs
  • How to Perform Self-Exams
Gynecological Teaching Associate teaching a Clinical Skills Workshop | Praxis Clinical

Part 2:

Teaching with Your Body* 

16 hours

  • Understanding Adult Learning Styles
  • Observe a Clinical Teaching Session
  • Practice Teaching Breast and Chest Exams
  • Practice Teaching Pelvic and Urogenital Exams
  • Practice Guiding ‘Students’ Through Exams
Clinical Teaching Associate teaching a Pre-clinical Skills Workshop | Praxis Clinical

Part 3:

Teaching in the Clinical Setting* 

8 hours

  • Types of Clinical Sessions: Solo v. Partnered Teaching
  • Additional Practice Guiding ‘Students’ Through Exams*
  • Contracts, Pay, and Job Seeking: Ways to Utilize Your Certification
  • Promoting Your Work

*Participants will use their own bodies to demonstrate and practice teaching these exams and ultimately participants to take turns in the roles of student and CTA to practice guiding ‘students’ through performing the exams on their bodies while teaching and adjusting.

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