Our Team

Alexandra Duncan

Managing Director

Alexandra Duncan, Managing Director | Praxis Clinical
Alexandra Duncan founded Praxis Clinical to provide simple, efficient, and standardized gynecological teaching to universities and hospitals. She was first certified as a gynecological teaching associate (GTA) through Rutgers University’s highly regarded training. She has taught medical, nurse-practitioner, physician’s assistant, naturopath, and midwifery students at many universities, including NYU, Rutgers, Yale, West Virginia University, Albert Einstein, Quinnipiac, Fairfield University, and Stony Brook, and has re-trained doctors and residents at several of these. She has worked with military doctors at Uniformed Services University, and assessed and retrained VA doctors as part of the Pentagon’s initiative to combat sexual assault in the armed forces.

Tiffany E. Cook

Executive Director

Tiffany E. Cook, Executive Director | Praxis Clinical

Tiffany works alongside our Managing Director to develop, implement, and manage clinical skills programs. She has spent the last ten years putting her passion for reproductive and sexual health to work in the areas of health education, advocacy, and community building. Her experiences include providing family planning counseling and HIV, HCV and STI testing to underserved, high-risk patient populations in the Boston metro area and teaching people of all ages about reproductive and sexual health, including pregnancy options, emergency contraception, supporting pregnant and parenting teens, and LGBTQ health. Her experiences working as a Gynecological Teaching Associate, providing breast and pelvic exam and SANE (Sexual Assault Nursing Exams) to a variety of nursing and medical programs across the northeast region, informs her clinical teaching curriculum development. She additionally proctors breast and pelvic exam stations at Clerkship Objective Structured Clinical Exams (OSCEs) and provides guidance and feedback to students to improve patient care.


Who We Are

Praxis Clinical contracts with universities and medical schools, including Yale School of Medicine, to provide highly qualified clinical skills courses.

We pride ourselves as innovators, constantly updating our curriculum and creating new sessions that align with recent research, best practices, and international standards. We are happy to work with you to design a training that fully fits the needs of your program.

Praxis Clinical works with clinical teaching associates (CTAs) who use their bodies to teach students to perform thorough, comfortable, and empowering exams.

CTAs are passionate, patient and are committed to making this a positive experience for your students that will shape how they feel about these exams for the rest of their careers.

Our sessions are framed from the patient’s perspective and are designed to enhance the experiences of adult learners. We respect the experiences of providers and students, engage them directly, provide real-world context, make it practical and useful, and work with all learning styles.

Our Skills

Curriculum Development & Design

Clinical Skills

Educational Technology

Adult Education

Community Outreach

What sets us apart?

  • Passion for Clinical Education

    We love what we do! Praxis Clinical is dedicated to providing you with knowledgeable clinical teaching associates. Our CTAs are energetic and passionate educators, dedicated to improving health care. 

  • Tablet Optimized Curriculum

    Our full color materials are optimized for iPads, tablets, and mobile devices. These high quality materials are provided in conjunction with our programming. 

  • Traveling Solutions

    We are constantly working to improve rural medical education and travel the country and around the world to provide high quality clinical skills education.